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phamacology personal statment
I haven't read any book on the subject, I have visited some sites on the web and some brouches but I don't know how to write it - how to show I'm keen on it.
I looked at some people's statements, they roughly start off with ' I'm interested in ***Filtered*** for a long time....'
I'm interested in research and cancer -coz my grandma got it.
does it has a word limit, I have poor vocab so being consice quite a problem.
There's no word limit, but there is a space limit (around half an A4 page) which your statement has to fit in. You can download a sample template by looking at the Personal statement guide on Studental - which is probably a good place to start if you're stuck.

You've already selected two areas of the subject which particularly interest you. Write down a few notes about why your interested them and you should have some ideas. You could also try reading a few books and see if they give you any ideas.
does anyone has any books to recommend?
talk to your teachers, a chemistry teacher might/should be able to help you there.

Although it is definitely better to reference your arguments to a text, if you honestly can't find a well known text, then it wont be a problem. Just remember that the first few sentances should jump right in with something about the subject (a specific area) reather than talking about you....well at least that's my opinion on PS

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