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Counselling and Psychology PS...please give feedback!
Guys, i have nearly completed my PS. It looks ok i think but i think maybe my opening quote is to long and my statement is coming across a bit to preachy and 'all knowing & wise' which is not what i'm trying to convey. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

'the more I am willing to be myself in all this complexity of life and the more I am willing to understand and accept the realities in myself and in the other person, the more change seems to have been stirred up. It is a very paradoxical thing that to the degree that each one of us is willing to be himself, then he finds not only himself changing; but he finds that other people to whom he relates are also changing.'

Carl Rogers: on becoming a Person, p.22.
Taken from: Pete Sanders: First Steps in Counselling p.49

People might wonder why I chose the above quote to start off my personal statement and how it seems relevant to a psychology and Counselling degree to which I am applying. I found this quote helpful to me when looking at my own self development as to why I wanted to study such a subject at university. I am fascinated by theories, who thought them up and the circumstances under which they came to think them up. Psychology and Counselling has always been a subject that I have studied, researched or related to in my life. To explore my passion of the subject, I started studying an introduction into counselling at my local college as well as start working for the Samaritans to further my knowledge both practically and theoretically. These experiences as well as being a mature student have made me wish to embark on a degree and embrace university life.

After completing a two year course in public services at college, I went travelling for four months to Australia and New Zealand where I travelled independently. After this I started working in the insurance industry which allowed me to stable myself financially and also allowed me spend more time with my son. After accessing my next step into what i wanted to do, i realised that i wanted to start a career in counselling and psychology and that the subjects go hand in hand when researching human behaviour and that they have similarities while also having very different theories.

As well as studying and exploring my chosen subjects, i enjoy spending time with my son, socialising with friends and family and taking up new hobbies. I very much enjoy snowboarding which i have a passion for as well as photography and playing the tenor Saxophone which i taught myself. I enjoy meeting new people and the cultures they come from whether it be locally or further a field. I feel University would be a great opportunity to further myself both academically and socially. I understand that university is not just about studying but embracing everything around the student and this is why i would like to explore university life.

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