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Ucas form on web or paper?

do you reckon we should do our UCAS form on the web or on paper? My college says we can do either, but have no clue which one to do - does it make a difference? do u get like an advantage if u do it on the web?

I would do it on the web if you have a choice. I haven't done it on the web myself but I'm told it's much easier as it can automatically fill some bits in for you and things. Also I think its possible to get a few extra lines on your personal statment and you don't need to worry about the state of your handwriting or any problems attaching the personal statement to the form.

Maybe someone who's done the web apply can give you a bit more info.
i read in the news yesterday that ucas are stopping the paper application form next year - so from then on you won't have much choice.
yeh, our 6th form makes us do it on the web
Do it on the web - if you make a mistake, it's so much easier to change.
Update: This is a very old post (way back from 2004 - good times, good times :-D ) and things have changed a bit now. It is no longer possible to apply using the paper form except in special circumstances, so the question is no longer relevent.

The online method is far from perfect though - you might find particular special characters disappear from your form, so read it through very carefully before you submit your application just to be sure.

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