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Ucas reply

just wondering how long it usually takes for ucas to send the confirmation letter with the ucas track code on...i sent my application about a week and a half before christmas 05 and i still havent heard from them and basically i'm getting a bit

hope you can help me Smile
Well they are kinda slow this year. Your not the only one thats not getting a response. it took them about few weeks to get mines on the way.

So if your worried just give them a call.

All the best with your application Smile
oh right ok then cheers...i'll wait a bit longer and if i dont here from them i'll give 'em a ring!!

thanx Smile
Another way to check if ucas has your application been sent to ucas is by logging back on apply and reading what it says.

It should say something along the lines of you application has been received by ucas and we will be in touch... well something like that.. Cant remember now what it said.

Good luck
can i ask? know when you pay ucas fees? is it true that the college cant send your application if you havent reimbersed them yet?
They sure can send your application, my school does.

But you can to ask them yourself.

But I'm sure they would have sent it off, the deadline was on the 12th.
thats exactly what i said when i went in and asked about my confirmation letter yesterday but they said that they dont send the application until the student has paid their fee...AAAAAAAAAARGH!! you can understand my frustration! why the hell didnt this woman tell me that when i sent it??! had i kown about this i would have paid straight away and i made that quite clear to her Big Grin

as the deadline was the 15th of january i got upset and thought my application was gonna be late, but the woman said not to worry, she would go to the student my fee (that i must reimberse her when i next see her) and send a letter to ucas explaining the situation and not to class my application as a late one as it wasnt my fault Big Grin

you can imagine my relief!

so hopefully in the next week or so i will recieve my letter and be on the way to becoming a university student!! woohoo!!
Good luck!

Our school send off the application before the deadline and then go grab people that havent paid.

But not many of them have got there welcoming letters yet, so dont worry.

I've got mine since I sent my application form off in October.

Good luck woth your application.

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