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Med student needing help

Dear All

I am a first year medical student on accelerated program. i need some advice from any present or past med students on how best to learn medicine. Every week we cover a range of topics and the work can seem so overwhelming. Medicine is a very hard topic and i just wnt to know about peoples personal experiences of managing workload, pressures. What works for you what didnt work for you, Methods of learning and what to avoid

For example for anatomy i have found that i now cnt just read the book but need to write and rewrite what i have learned. More specifically what i am finding useful are online resources which test your medical knowldge. Do people know of any other webisites which test your knowledge via questions and answers in other topics, such as cancr, diabetes, stroke histology, immunology

coming from an art background i am finding the underlying science hard to grasp can anybody recoomend ways of improving learning.

I know this e-mail is requesting a lot but i hope someone will have the time to help me out a bit.

thank i look forward to your responses

Didn't notice this post, as it was in one of the other threads originally, so sorry for the late reply.

Medicine is a tough subject, and is a bit of a struggle for pretty much everyone from what I've heard. Though you've been accepted on the course, so they obviously think you're capable!

Different learning methods work for different people - just experiment until you find somethink that works (I know one guy who writes his notes for essays in huge handwriting and sticks it on the wall to help him remember things) there's no end of techniques out there, have a look on the net.

I don't think there's that many resources on the net for learning subjects at degree level, though the Medschool guide question bank may be what you're looking for.
You should also try

Well done on your offer and good luck

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