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Opening Lines....
Hiya, basically I've started my perosnal statement and was quite happy of my opening line. I thought it was different yet showed my passion for the subject I want to do, but when I showed my form tutor she said I should change it to something a bit like this:

"Optometry and orthoptics has always been an interest of mine."

I don't know whether I should change it to something like that or whether that's a bit boring and wont get me noticed and so I should just stick to mine.

Any comments would be helpful x
Maybe it would help if you post your preferred opening line so we can compare them, azma?

As it is, I'd say it depends. Has optometry always been an interest of yours? Do you feel that your statement would work with that line as opposed to your original? Maybe you could have a look at the statements on and see what other people have done.

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