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Hey peeps, could you please help me with my first line for my PS.

Hey, urrm,

Im starting my Personal Statement and cant find a way of starting it! =/ .

I want to apply for Web Design.

Im currently designing a website for my Applied ICT c.wk.
I Love HTML and other coding languages!
I want to enter a career involving desiging sites.


well, thanks!! Smile .

Pleeease help. Once ive got a first sentence i like im fine =/.

My first sentence took me 20 mins to write and im still changing little bits of it.

As the great guide on the main site "Staying Ahead of the game" says your first line has to Grab the readers attention. The admissions tutor has read "Ive wanted to do ***Filtered*** since I was yyy age" millions of times.

I started mine saying about my opinions on the world of computing and how it influences people and the world around it and thats why i want to study the subject. Ill PM you my opening sentence if youd like, just let me know and ill send it. I just dont want to submit any of my statement until its sent off.

Im a bit paranoid about plagiarism, and open forums tend to google nicely. But I have no problem sending you part if you promise not to share the content with anyone else.

Just say the word.

Edit Also this should be in the forum above which is ucas applications and PS's. Ill just move it for you.

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