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Nottimgham uni What can you tell me
Hi guys starting notts uni this year please help me find out the following info. Thank you

Hi guys what is nottingham uni like to study at?

What is the nightlife like in notts and surronunding areas?

What the best part of studying at Nottingham university?

Thank you
I live in notts, so i can tell you about the city, but not so much about the Uni. Notts Uni campus is a way out of the city...probably a 10 or 15 minute drive into town.
However, Notts campus is nice...theres a boating lake and lots of nice open spaces.
Notts city centre is considered by many one of the best places in the UK for a night out...there are some big nightclubs, indie clubs, and lots of bars; you will easily find whatever kind of scene you're looking for. The city centre is also rapidly improving, with a new shopping centre being bult in addition to the two current ones, with promises to also improve these.
I hope this helps a bit, i'm sure youll love notts...its a great place Smile
There are lots of good shops and lovely areas! It can be a little rough, but most people enjoy living there. It's not a bad place... it just has a little bit of a reputation.
Nottimgham university is located in the Shakespeare Street, Nottingham. It is very big university and atmosphere of this university is so quite and peaceful. Campus of this university is nice. University Park Campus is the One of the largest and most attractive campuses in the country. University Park is the hub of student life. Lakeside Arts Centre plays a key role in Nottingham's cultural life. The University also has important community partnerships and two student theater companies. The University also provides flexible conference and events solutions in four unique locations. Services include accommodation solutions, events planning and a wedding service.
If you're looking to live off campus at any point Beeston rocks!
It can be a little rough, but most people enjoy living there. It's not a bad place...

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