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Query about my firm and insurance university choices
Hello people im Ela and a prospective university student. I have a query regarding my firm and insurance univeristy choices. I have applied for this coming academic year . My firm choice is southampton solent university and my insurance choice is university of wales , newport. For both of these i have applied for sport studies courses. However i have yet to recieve any decisions regarding these choices and was wondering how much longer it may take for the universities to make their decisions regarding my application. I have constantly been on ucas track looking to see if my application has been updated but they both say conditional. I am worried that if i dont recieve anything soon i might not be able to go into clearing if i am unable to secure a place at either at my choices. Is it any idea to ring up and ask or should i just wait. If i do not get in to either my firm or insurance can i definitely go through clearing. Im worried i might not be able to secure a place this year . Advice would be very grateul. Many Thanks From Ela
p.s sorry the post is very long
Hi Ela.
If I were you I'd phone both unis as quickly as possible - they should've made their decisions by now and you might have to go through clearing if they haven't, but a lot of clearing places will be filling up too by now.
Give them a call as soon as you can - hope it goes ok!

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