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foreigner's grammar in personal statements
I seem to be all alone with my question on this board since my first language isn't english. I'd just like to ask if the adminisrators will be more gentle to us foreigners regarding misspelling or awkward language -I'm a little nervous since the longest essay I have written in english is only about 150 words in lenght. Also because of the limited space in the UCAS form for the personal statement I can't write as widely about myself as the english applicants can because I have to explain why I want to study in the UK and why do I think I can manage studying in english.What could I leave out of my statement that is usually recommended to mention?
Judging by that post, your English is fine, and significantly better than most English students. You have nothing to worry about. Go for it!
Yeah from your post your english seems fine. Most uni's recieve lots of statements from international students and will know thier writing style will be slightly different so I don't think it will put you at any kind of disadvantage.

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