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Oxbridge-seperate PS form?
Hail all. I have been watching/reading this forum for a while, and notied that you are extremely helpful.
I have had to miss a meeting concerning Oxbridge entrance, and I believe that there is a form which I would need to fill in. Do you know if this affects the Personal Statement?
Thank you very much for your time Smile Shy
no, it doesn't affect the personal statement. This year I applied to oxford and the separate sheet you need to fill in called "oxford application form" is just for oxford's own use. The thing is that on that form theres a space that it's not compulsory to fill and it's about you adding anything that concerns oxford and only oxford that you have not had the chance to mention anywhereon your UCAS application. For example some oxford colleges are religeon oriented and if you are not willing to follow it, state it on the sheet. But appart from that, there's nothing more

Thank you very much Toungue Im not evn expecting to get in, so yeah Smile Thanks anyway.
Hia..was just reading your message....i missed a simular meeting too...hoe long have you been considering oxbridge as i havnt for londg and im wonderin if ita a bit late?? what do you think? Smile
you've got until the 15th october to apply so it's not to late!
True - If you're predicted AAA or AAB you might as well give it a shot. It's hardly wasting a choice as you'll have to narrow your offers to just two anyway.

Additional: this is based on the assumption you're not applying for medicine - which is so fiercely competitive it's easy for candidates to have no offers at the end of the application process. Also it assumes you want to go to Oxford or Cambridge - as well as being brilliant unis they're also very traditional so if you don't fancy wearing gowns for exams and formal dinning it might be worth looking elsewhere.

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