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Economics PS
Hi, i'm applying to Oxford for E&M this year and am about to submit my UCAS form. I just wanna know if it's important to say st about management in my PS coz all my other choices are pure Economics and so all i talk about is Economics. And there's this additional info part in the Oxford app form which my teacher said should be filled with things like why i want to go to Oxford and why i choose this college. Problem is though i do have good reason for choosing the uni its not so clear with choosing the college. So do u think its necessary to put down why u like a certain college?
Sorry missed out reading this somehow. I don't think there's much of a need to write about management - I didn't and I got an offer for E&M - though you might want to talk a bit about it as the subjects are related.

The extra Oxford form is optional - I didn't put anything down. If you can't think of anything good to say it's probably best to put nothing at all.
The additional info box on the OAF is intended primarily for extenuating circumstances, so I wouldn't use it unless you had something that you needed to tell the university, e.g. medical reasons which may hamper your performance at interview, ect. I wouldn't mention your college, applying there say everything really, and if you get pooled it could work against you.

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