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biology c/w help plz
Stem colour in the tomato is genetically determined. However, imediately after germination stem colour is influnced by light intensity and temperature.

you are required to plan an investigation to find out:
1- the pattern of inheritance of stem colour in tomatoes.
2- the influence of light and temperature on stem colour.

It is not expected that your preliminary work will include breeding tomatoes as there is not enough time. You are expected to include breeding experiments in your plan.

Tomatoes are normally self pollinating. Seeds may be germinated in petri dishes with just enough water to cover the bottom.

Based upon the assumption that you are provided with:
pure breeding purple stemmed and pure breeding green stemmed tomato plants.
Tomato seeds.
school resources.

totally mind boggling and not relating to syllabus, can some one please help

im in a similar position. Are they any ideas u have come up with? Can u explain it to me plz?

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