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How to start a personal statement
Kindly help me on my personal statement.

I am an international student who would like to study an Access course in Nursing in the U.K. I am doing Bachelor of Science in Nursing course in the Philippines. I have never made a ersonal statement so i don't how to start it.....Kindly help me guys....thanks!
This is a detail guide of writing a personal statement:

I wouldnt worry about your first paragraph at the moment...just make a list of things you want to write in the personal statement and start writing from there.
I would start the personal statement with a sentance telling them why biochemistry/biotechnology and go from there...
hi i am having trouble starting my personal statement, i know it should get the reader interested and it should give some information about myself but i just need advice on my first 3 or 4 lines
i am grateful for any help
Nearly all statements I have read start with something like "Since I was 4 years old this subject area has claimed my attention" and go on to describe how passion for the subject has grown.

May as well follow the crowdRolleyes
Bad thought BoroForever...

The personal statements are supposed to distinguish yourself from other people. If you follow the crowd you will end up following them out. So, please take your time to list out your objectives and thoughts about the subject and portray yourself as one that is different from the regular people.
Agreed, when looking at others statements I think you have to remember that they may not have actually got someone into uni, also if everybody else's start off with "Since I was 4 years old" your not making yourself stand out from the crowd which is what you need to do.
It's always interesting to start the PS with a quote you hold dear to you, a little saying, or a memory....

One of my friends wrote:
The old Ashanti proverb my mother used to say to me asserted that one should "Act as though it is impossible to fail", and that saying has been a pivotal influence in my life.

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