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Personal Statement
I'd love to hear your opinion about this statement. Don't hold back on criticism.

Everything what is around us is just an illusion. The illusion understood only by our brain.
To create this daydream means to affect someone's thoughts. By adapting proper means of
expression marketing and media can be a jack pot, then a creator of the advertisements or
articles can be a ruler, a God. That is what I want to get from marketing and media courses.

Since my childhood, I always strive to be on the go. I have been singing since the age of
six, recorded some songs, performed at the telecast called 'Good Morning' and some Lithuanian
festivals 'The Bikers Show', 'Opera of the Smallest Angels'. I have also finished seven years
at music school where I was playing the piano. Having a touch with music helped me to develop
as a creative and improvising person. Meanwhile, I attended theatre, dance, tennis,
basketball classes were I discovered myself as managing and flexible.

Two years ago I started to attend media lessons, acquired basic skills in journalism and
found it very adoring. I have written many articles. One of them was published in famous
Lithuanian web site called 'Delfi'. I also made practice at two most famous Lithuanian
television and radio stations, where I picked up how to speak in front of a cameraman, met
some famous Lithuanian journalists, who shared their experience related with the job of
media. Getting touch with media so close was a great experience that uplifted me to relate my
future with journalism because of its ability to affect society by your own ideas. Besides,
as my mother is a lawyer and has written a book 'The Law of Media', discussions with her made
me go deeper clarifying the rights and responsibilities of journalists.

Together with my passion for arts and media comes my interest in marketing. Three years ago I
started to learn economics at school. It has given me a perception of marketing, advertising,
business and consolidated my will to choose studies related to marketing. During last year I
created and presented an advertisement to my class-fellows that was graded with the highest
grade of its stringency. Moreover, I was shot in three advertisements as an actress that let
me on closer acquaintance with advertisements creation. Analyzing marketing features is an
intricate task. Sometimes it looks, that marketing is like a game, where a joystick belongs
to a player. I am very interested in how it all works, and my future ambitions is to figure
out all this system and to create one more 'button' in that joystick.

My determination to study in the UK has several reasons. First of all, there are very few
universities in Lithuania offering the course in marketing, though only for master degree.
Withal, I think I would be given an opportunity to study in the country with old art, media
and business traditions. On the other hand, I could share my knowledge with other
international students about arts and economics in Lithuania and its neighbours, which were
deeply affected by the Soviet Union and thus are different from UK. Moreover, pitting with
myself living independently would be a real challenge for me.

I think that we all have to fight for the future. Some of us fight on the bend way and some
of us are coming closer to the goal step by step. I hope you will help me to take one more
step towards the bright future and give me an opportunity to become a useful person for the
European society.
come on guys I really need your opinion on this one..and a honest one too.
It sounds pretty impressive, just leave out a few "famous ...." because they feels a bit like you're name dropping.
Other than that, it sounds really good and I hope you get offers!
x x x
Havent read all of it but there are some gramatical mistakes, i hope you haven't submitted it in this form.
I don't quite undersand what is needed to write in these personal statements, as i am also from a former soviet union country, i believe that u should be given some discounts on that, but have to say that u ve got much to write/ I don't/ believe /mine is much simpler but i still hope to get some offers

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