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What is your opinion on the lifting of the tuition fee cap?
Hi my name is Richard and I am a 3rd year student studying Interactive Design at Lincoln University. I am currently working on a project that will allow the student/potential student community to be heard on the current hot topic of the removal of the cap on tuition fees.

I will be asking people to leave their own personal comments/debate posted comments on the matter. The comments will then be added to an interactive online website and promotional posters entitled YOUR VOICE MAKE IT HEARD which will be posted around cities.

Thank you for your help and hope to see some exciting opinions

Richard Melbourne
As much as I would love to go to University i'm now having second thoughts having worked out it will put me into a high of £50,000 debt. This essentially means I potentially will be paying off loans for the rest of my life, living at home as I won't be able to afford housing etc. I feel as though University will become a privelege only people with parents who are able to support them will go to.

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