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Help with a personal Statement
Good morning

Can anyone give me some hints and tips with writing a statement regarding social care and mental health, I've been trying to write one now for 2 days and seem that i cant get my head round it .
Any help will help

Thank you
The personal statement is your opportunity to sell yourself in the application process. Your personal statement needs to be reflective and analytical. It should give clear, precise examples from your personal experience that show your strengths and skills are relevant to a career in social care and mental health. These could come from voluntary work, involvement with clubs or societies, work placements, your time at university or a recent job. Anyhow here are some sites you can find some good example of it.
- targetjobs[.]co[.]uk/career-sectors/social-care
- www[.]studential[.]com/bio/getps.asp?ps=538&view=subject
- www[.]eduers[.]com/personalstatement/sample[.]htm

Hope these sites work for you and enable you to make your killing personal statement.

Good Luck for your future endeavor.
I think you should set your goals. And the chief of your article. You will be clear what you want to write.
I'm mildly dyslexic and I hate doing written applications as I feel that unless you are great at selling yourself on paper your application will be thrown in the bin!!!

I've been looking at sample personal statement on as Darren suggested above and its a brilliant website there are so many tips and detailed guides about how to write one.

I also saw some adverts for personal statement editor services...

Has anyone had any experience with one of them? I always thought these services cost a bomb but personalstatement and safesribe are offering it for under £30..

Is it worth spending the money to get one of these companies to edit my personal statement?

I really want to study Physiotherapy at KCL but it is so competitive I think any extra help may be worth the money.....

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