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Do I Include a Future Goal That Has Nothing To Do With The Course I Want To Do?
Hey everyone. I'm in the process of writting my statement for Popular Music And Record Production, but i'm wondering... My main goal is to hold down a good job for a while and then develop property.

Should i put this in my statement? It could either show ambition, or that i'm just wanting to do the music course for the sake of it. What do you think?
It might actually be a good thing because it shows that you purely want to do the music course because you are passionate about the subject, but i'm not really an expert. It also shows that you are being realistic in your career choice, so that could be good?

Sorry this isn't more helpful!
Anyone else?
Having that kind of goal may dissuade universities from taking you on. Being passionate about something you consider 'totally unrelated' to your degree course may make admissions tutors question your choices.

I don't know though - it's just my opinion.
Well... In the end it didn't. So all is good Smile

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