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Please advise me on my PS for accounting pls
When I studied in primary school, my teacher asked me “What is your dream?”. I said” I dreamed to become the policeman”. However, I changed my dream. In 2008, many disasters occurred such as Wenchuan earthquake. While I see thousands of people have been made homeless and loss their dear families and friends, I told to myself that you should make more contributions to the world. Therefore, I changed my dream and I dream to be a successful business man now. It is because I believe that only money and authority can realize my dream- make a huge contribution to the world, even change the world. However, a successful business man necessary have many different professional knowledge and skills. Therefore, I must be continuing study and improvement to realize my dream.
Therefore, attending university and majoring in accounting- the foundation of the business world will be the next step towards accomplishing to my dream. Calculation and bookkeeping, two apparently simple and relatively miniscule tasks, play a major role in everything from personal career planning to business operation, management, investment and so on. Moreover, accounting is probably the most objective of the business disciplines, applying mathematical formulas to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the business or its strategy. This is quite different compared with other disciplines. In view of these factor as well as my personal career plans, therefore, I chosen to major in accounting.
Furthermore, as you know, I am currently studying the higher diploma in School of continuing and professional studies, CUHK and major in the business studies (accounting and finance steam). During this time, I am taking the business finance, business law, corporation law, finance accounting, cost of management accounting and immediate accounting with outstanding result, I believe these courses will strengthen my foundation in accounting. Besides that, through a series of group project and assignment, I leaned research, communication, leadership, presentation skills and etc. But more important is, I leaned how to corporate and handle the conflict with my group members. I believe that these skills and knowledge will make me successful both in university and future career.
In addition, English accounted a dominant place in the academy and business area. Many important articles and books are usually written by English. Therefore, in order to improve my English language skill, I usually reading the English newspaper, listening the English radio channel, watching the foreign TV channel and program, charting with foreign net friend in the internet and so forth. In recent, I attended the IEITS examination and get a fairly good result. I believe my English language skill can fulfill university life’s requirement.
Outside my study, I also actively attend different activities. In this year, I attended the Business Internship Program which is held by Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. During this program, besides famous peoples sharing their opinions and experiences, I also cooperate with the different University student to complete the group project which is about poverty elderly. I believe these experiences are very helpful to me to be successful both in university’ life and career.
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is one of the best of the universities in the world. It provided the world-class facility and education quality provided a wonderful study environment to student. Moreover, it also provided the open environment and atmosphere to encourage exchange of knowledge, views, and innovative ideas among students and teachers. Thus, besides extends my knowledge, I believe that HKUST can help me to realize my dream, change my density and broaden my horizon.
I have thoroughly enjoyed higher diploma’s life and believe that university is the next step for me. During studying the higher diploma and attending other activities, it has changed me as a person. They have given me a greater sense of independence and success. I feel that it has really made me grow and introduced me to a wider range of people. I have opened up to people more and become a better team player as I have learnt to listen to others and take in their opinions. I have become accepting to other cultures and beliefs and feel that I am much more open-minded.
I assure you that if you given me the opportunity, I will prove myself a capable and dedicated student. I know that I have the right amount of interest in Accountancy as a subject and the potential for success in order to achieve what I want. Finally, I believe that I have the commitment and the determination to complete this course successfully and fulfill my ambition to become a successful business man.
Well, i'm probably not the one to say. But it could be alot better, your in a much better postion than I. Many many more relevant experiences however "The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is one of the best of the universities in the world"-that kind of stood out to be uneeded.
The first paragraph aswell seems, uneeded. Your come across quite arrogant aswell-"I am, I have, I, (I'm so amazing, I can do this)"
The last paragraph from "I assure you", well of course you would think that. The university won't be interested, just a waste of precious line space

Overall I wouldn't use this personal statement.

-The most important factor though, is it not a bad idea to upload your PS whilst in the application process?.-
When I studied in primary school, my teacher asked me “What is your dream?”. I said” I dreamed to become the policeman”. However, I changed my dream.

That would annoy tutors.

As you know

How do they know?

You need a teacher to look over your PS thoroughly. There's plenty more that is questionable.

Although your achievements should remain unchanged - they're probably better than mine.
Accounting now also gave me a performance analysis. And some really useful tips on how to save money. That advice almost paid for their services in itself.

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