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sounds good, it's all there as far as i can see, the only thing i can think of is work experience, like saturday job or something

and why you want to go to an english uni not an american one (lol i'm not being mean, just it's quite unusual and i think you've got to be quite commited to want to travel so far for it's chem course)

so thats my thought

as to structure :S your guess is as good as mine some of the web example don't apear to have any......

anyway good luck

thank you very much for replying. i will definitely make those changes.
im just applying to university of edinburgh. i was born in edinburgh and absolutely love the city--i have also heard fabulous things about the university from the many people i have talked to about it. so it was kind of a natural thing to apply there for me.
thanks again,
Get rid of the "Soccer, or football" bit, it's cheesy.
Overall, it's very good - now delete this thread/have it locked as your PS will be copied and you will be in for a lot of hassle if it's picked up by the UCAS monitors.

PS. I'm applying for chem too Smile

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