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Oxford - Open Application (History)
Hi Smile
I'm planning to go to oxford (reading history) in 2009 and i'm now confused by the wide range of choices of colleges. I don't really have a preference for colleges, so will it be better if i choose open application and let the computer decide for me? Will the chance of getting in be higher if i choose open application?
Also, do you by chance know which college(s) in oxford is/are more competitive and famous for history?
Thanks very much!!!
History is one of the largest faculties at Oxford. More importantly, it's also one of the most flexible courses in the university, offering its students a broad choice of papers over the three years and encompassing a wide variety of chronological periods and geographical foci. Oxford historians work alongside, and under the guidance of, leading world experts in their fields and have access to some of the world's best library resources.

The history courses offered at Oxford are:

* History
* Ancient and Modern History
* History and English
* History and Economics
* History and Modern Languages
* History and Politics
I have enjoyed every minute here so far. I still remember back to the days of my interviews thought.

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