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Responsibilities and achievements
Since the beginning of sixth form my tutor has been saying universities don't even look at your application unless you have a number of responsibilities on your personal statement - though i think having a high enthusiasm for the subject is more important. What do other people think, is it better to fill up most of the statement with why you want to study a subject or fill up a large amount about your responsibilities?

What are your views?
It's probably good to have some responsibilities - but I don't think you should do anything just to get it on the UCAS form. For example when I did Young Enterprise it was a complete waste of time and I didn't learn anything, it went down on my UCAS form and no one ever asked or even seemed to care about it.

I would think most admissions tutors are looking for people who are dedicated and interested in their subject and are likely to benefit from a university education. responsabilties and achivements show this, but so do lots of other things like grades, choice of course and references.

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