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"second" personal statement
is it true that you can send a second personal statement to LSE after you've sent the ucas form off? i heard its sort of like a covering letter

im applying for mainly economics courses but one of my choices is for Accounting and Finance at LSE. i was told i could send a "covering letter" once i've sent my ucas form of to explain to LSE why i want to apply for Acc and Fin. most of my personal statement is about economics and not much about acc and fin

please help
You can send extra material to any uni you wish, but it may not get read and could also annoy the admissions tutors. I've heard lots of people do send extra information to LSE though and this may be a good idea in your case. LSE never interview, so sending more info is the only way for them to find anything else about you and your interest in accounting and finance.

I know this has been discussed on other forums before but I can't find any of the posts so you may want to do a bit of searching. Alternatively you could always email LSE and ask if it's ok to send a bit more information about yourself.
I was told that from my UCAS referee, cos i was a bit scared that i was taking too much important stuff out of my personal statement, It sounds like a good idea though. I applied to LSE for economics so i'll speak to my referee and see what he says about it, but then the hard thing is what to write within the letter to LSE without it sounding like another version of your personal statement!!!

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