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I need your Comments on this PS
I want to do Masters in Computer Science because I find it fascinating. Since at the age of 6, I was attracted towards Computers. I daily watch my father to type things in beautiful writing; use various software like MS PAINT, WORD PERFECT, MS EXCEL etc. At that time my father was doing his PhD and he used computer for this. One of the best thing from which I was really enjoyed at that time was Mouse. Easy to do things. To see my interest my father brings some computer games like Digger, PC MAN, Snooker etc. In this way I put my steps in world of Computer games.

At School level is select computer Science instead of biology. I always had good marks in this subject because I know about all my course. At that time we study DOS 6.0 and GWBASIC. This is my first collision with programming. I made programs in GWBASIC without any teachers help. Major reason was that I was aware from programming due to my father he use sometimes QBASIC.

In graduation I selected physics as my major subject because at that time Graduation in Computer Science was not available in that college. To remain touch with computer science I took admission in ICT Course. Where I study MS Office , Computer Languages, Hardware and Networking as well, but not in deep because It was introduction course for younger.

My interest was increased after that course and finally I took admission in graduate program for computer science student. Where I studied different programming languages like TURBO C, C++, and SAS, Mat lab, Prolog and C #. In Academic years, I made few projects like Student Information System, Database Application for a company which shoots Advertizes, Dramas etc and Computerized Report generator for a Garments factory. In this project I was a Team Leader. I really learn a lot from these academic projects.

After this I got a chance to work as an internee in a Software house. I worked there in ERP department. In that internship I use Visual Studio.Net, Crystal Reports, and VB.Net etc. I implemented financial module of an ERP system.

At the end of this internship I got good job in an In-house development company. Where I worked on Web based projects and I got chance to use C#, Web Services, XML, MS project, database etc. My major projects were Hotel content Management system and Flight availability system.

I personally think, in Masters Program is can enhance my skills in this field and I hope, this will increase my job prospect in future.
too much of "I". Don't start sentences with "I". Besides, show, how you see the industry in you, not you in the industry.
Quite good few need 2 check ur punctuation though.
Sadia Wrote:Quite good few need 2 check ur punctuation though.

Thanks Sadia

for ur comment
Not bad content wise, but you need to seriously sort out some of your grammar , whilst you obviously have a passion for compsci, this PS reads as if it's been very poorly translated.

I don't mean to be scathing, but uni's will be looking for candidates who can write coherently, especially with computer science.
I dont really have anything to add, I just want to say that Whiternoise has made some good points

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