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Which school to choose
1.Visit your college's career and placement office and read graduate school guidebooks.
2.Think about the kind of program you want: Do you prefer education that is more theoretical or practical? How large an emphasis on research do you desire? Do you want a flexible or structured curriculum?
3.Talk to faculty in your field of interest and ask them to recommend strong programs. If you have close relationships with your professors, they might be able to better suggest programs that are good fits for you.
4.Consider whom you want to work with. The professors you work with in graduate school make a big difference, so research their backgrounds and publications.
5.Research the school's reputation. Look for information about what alumni are now doing - job placement statistics, fields of entry. Is there a high bias toward a certain field or specialty?
6.Think about where you want to work after graduation. Some schools might be recognized more, or have better alumni networks, in certain areas than in others.
7.Decide what you can afford. Get information about internships, teaching assistantships, loans and grants.
8.Consider the school's location and size. Do you prefer a big city or a small town? Think about recreational opportunities. If you have a spouse, consider his or her needs.
9.Pick some programs that really interest you and request informational and application materials from their admissions offices and the appropriate academic departments.
10.Apply to a range of schools. Pick a few long shots, a few solid choices and a few safeties. It is reasonable to apply to 6 to 12 schools.
11.Visit the campuses and talk to students after applying. Assess the facilities.
does this mean which school - as in department (i.e. school of business) - or which university?
Hey i am going to finish my +2 level in this summer. Now I am thinking to apply abroad for my further study. I am thinking to apply USA and I want to study IT there. Can any one give me idea in which university to apply?
It is so good and informative! Thanks for your sharing!
i didn't get what you exactly wanna ask.
You should choose a school where you can find equal opportunities for co-curricular activities other than curricular universities.
Ya thats right ! You should choose a college which will help u to develop in all respects. Where your overall development is taken care of !
Well, first decide what are the requirements you want in a school fees, Infrastructure, student-teacher ratio, the philosophy of education, the structure of medical exams and homework policies, services bus, away from home, etc. Make a list of these schools to priorities.Many can be automatically excluded based on your most important priority.Make a list of schools that meet your most important criteria.If you are not able to get an appointment worry.Visit not the schools. Once you are at the door, convince the receptionist to let you meet either the principal or assistant or head mistress.Once, emphasize that you do not want to admission, just information.
Do you think your child is under the most appropriate list of schools. Check their website, or by statute, but not the basis for the decision fully. But there are many independent schools, published each year about fit a lot of book reviews.

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