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Help for Ucas Personal Statement.
could any one please tell me how many words max. we are allowed to write our personal statements in. i have written one which is 511 words long, is that too many? also what are the best tips you could give me for cramming as much info about myself into such a small place. is listing any good? would be gr8tful for your help kathyrine
it's 4,000 characters, word/tools/word count

What are you applying for?
That would help haha
transport and business managment
is this good?

Maths! Just a subject, I don't think so. Because I see maths in everyday life, it is
basically makes up about the majority of your lives and without maths we would not have
technology that we use everyday. I have always had an interest in maths since I was a child.
I first knew I had an interest in maths, when I was 7 years old and realised that I enjoyed
learning maths. The main reason I picked maths was that numbers and algebra showed me that it
was exciting to use many methods to get to same answer.

I am looking foreword to doing mathematics in university and I have chosen it because it
enables me to learn maths in more depth. From this point, my aim is to become a professor
because I would love teach advanced mathematics to other individuals. My favourite
mathematician is Isaac Newton, who once said 'If I have been able to see further, it was only
because I stood on the shoulders of giant'. I love this saying because it shows how mankind
can improve from knowledge of others. And he also said that 'We build too many walls and not
enough bridges'. This shows we create too many wars and don't try to get along with people
and I agree with this because it made me believe that world peace is possible.

As a member of the school council, I have been responsible for the organising school events,
delivered presentation and making contribution of how to improve the schools prospects. This
experience has taught me to use my own initiative and developing my skill of public speaking
and art of diplomacy.

Having being a member of the school cricket team for two years, the experience has taught me
how to work on the team and this has also given me self-reliance. Also I have enjoyed playing
chess and having enjoyed playing chess within the school, my experience made me learn how to
strategise my school work. I have always enjoyed reading, but my a-levels subject have made
me read more around my subject more often. The amount of reading I do in a-level was much
more read I have done before. I read ahead of the subject before the teacher teaches it in
class which helps learn it much better. My punctuality and attendance is excellent. I have
the ability to cheer people up while they are talking with me and I am has always been told
that funny person and I am also very imaginative. My a-level subjects, in which I am
currently studying, are physic, economics, further maths and maths.

My work experience was Fraser's Chartered Accounts in year 10 for the period of a week, where
it taught me how to apply ICT into the real world of work. I mostly worked with Microsoft
excel and Microsoft word to do the task at hand. I worked individually and as part of a team
to complete the job given out. Outside the school I have participated in master class at
Middlesex University, in which helped me know that mathematics was the right course for me.
In year 11, I read the novel 'of mice and men' by John Steinbeck for my English class where
it shows how society can be unfair to certain types of people from either mentally
incompetence to ethic background or even gender differences. It also shows the about American
depression in the 1930s and how most people had to migrate to get a job.
....i would like that someone could help me to write a statment 4 next year...i dnt know ever how to start...i want study ''travel and tourism''...please?
#7 is 500 u done good...
Quote:Maths! Just a subject, I don't think so.

Just skimmed your statement, but it looks pretty good to me. I especially like the introduction - short and to the point!
putting "I" 9 times in the first paragraph is horrible...i could not get through all of it, but looks kinda dodgy... Quotes are not a good thing to ahve in a PS

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