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Words I hate people using in personal statements
you can say those things if you want, but you must justify them....but if you justify it straight off, you shouldnt need to state it so blatently as "I like this"
Quote:Acaila - 28/10/2004 7:05 PM

I got really annoyed with myself for continually writing "I feel..." at the start of pretty much every sentence.

Gah! I share the same bloody problem! Never used 'avid', 'passion' and so on, but I used 'fascinating' >: (
There are loads of other words you can use, a thesaurus is certainly a good idea! (though I didn't use one). I varied my syntax, not always putting "I" first but varying it e.g. "Medicine for me..." or "The attraction of Law..." etc. I did use "avidly read" tho, as well as "a challenge that I relished"! x
That's v. true - that's wot my teacher said was good about mine apparently, that I didn't specifically put "I love Law with a passion" or woteva, but it was evident from wot I did put. Take note guys! lol
skill, skills.....

\"From an early age\" as an introduction. Hideously annoying! I can quite imagine someone once saying they'd been fascinated by International Relations since they popped out of the womb just for no apparent reason!
I found that I used the word 'enjoy' waaaaaayy too much. But it is difficult to find other words, and 'like' seemed kinda... well , it just felt a bit wierd when i wrote it.
i hate "from a young age...." /"ever since i was young..." etc
i hate it when ppl use cliches like the first time i became interested / or i always was interested in the study of the human mind/ or hisory is a memory of the world
Can you not be passionate about the environment though? I am applying for ecology, and I feel strongly about protecting the environment i.e. there is nothing else I want to do! Is that not passion?

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