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I'm actually only sixteen and about to do my GCSEs but hey, in a year I'll be writing this Personal Statement thing! (And am NOT looking forward to it, I'm afraid!)

I'd really like some help about which university I should go to. I'm very keen on English Literature - I am well-read and passionate about the subject.

My GCSE (predicted, as from Mocks) Grades:
English Lit - A*
English Lang - A*
Maths - A
Dual Science - 2xB
History - A*
Philosophy & Ethics - A*
Latin - A
Music - A
French - A*

And as for A Levels, well, I'm doing Eng Lit, Politics, History and French to AS and then dropping one for A2.

I should THINK I'll get A Levels in:
English - A
History - A
French - B

And hopefully an A in Politics AS.

Now, which university should I go to?
I was thinking Newcastle or Durham (although Durham requires AAA generally, so that'd perhaps be a long shot); Manchester would be great also! Or Warwick. Or Birmingham....


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