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Is this a good PS?
is this a good personal statement? please ignore spelling/grammar mistakes, not a final draft. thank you.

"The political world, the workings of government and its affect on people has always been of
great concern to me. Politics was introuduced to me through Modern Studies at secondary
school. In 2000, I chose to study Modern Studies at Intermediate 2 level and was the only
pupil in my class to receive an A grade. I subsequently sat the subject at Higher level the
following year and passed comfortably. I found the dismantling of apartheid and the
transition to democarcy in South Africa particularly interesting as I am a supporter of
oppressed peoples wherever they are. This support of the oppressed led me to further question
political systems, and to understand how they work. As a 3rd year student of Psychology at
the University of Dundee, my partner of two years has nurtured my interest in Psychology.
Through reading her assignments and sources, I feel that I would flourish in the subject as
the way in which people behave and interact with each other is something that I feel is very
important to understand and is something that interests me greatly.

After deciding to apply to University I have undertook the study of 2 Higher level subjects
in order to meet the required criteria of four Bs for my desired courses. I intend to attain
at least a B in English and to improve my C grade in History to a B. I am undertaking an
Easter Revision course for both of these subjects at Wallace College in order to ensure that
I have the skills and knowledge required to comfortably pass both exams. I am currently
receiving tutoring for both subjects and my tutors are confident that I will comfortably
reach my target of a B grade in each subject. I am utterly determined to obtain the required
grades and would apply the same determination to completing a degree.

In the academic year of 2003-2004, I studied Politics at the University of Dundee which I
entered through Clearing. I was in debt when I began the course and as the year progressed I
descended further into financial difficulty. As I lived alone, I struggled to pay for my rent
and necessities such as food and heating. I was crippled by heavy penalties on my bank
account for breaching my overdraft balance which plunged me further into debt and in all I
paid over GBP 800 for bank charges in 2003 and 2004. I had a part-time job at the time, and
to alleviate my debt I would work any available overtime, even if I was meant to be in
tutorials or lectures at University at the time. My academic work suffered tremendously as a
result and I failed to pass some of my exams and then left the University.

To avoid a similar situation, I have worked very hard in order to save money to support
myself through University. I live with my parents now and therefore there is no risk of
falling into financial difficulties due to non-payment of rent. I have also realised through
three years of working in menial and manual jobs, with few or no prospects, that I require to
improve my education and improve my career prospects. This motivates me most of all and I am
absolutely determined to get a degree as I have already worked so hard to reach this point. I
did not fully appreciate the seriousness of it all as an eighteen year old. Despite this, I
believe that the skills I have gained through my work experience will make me an ideal
candidate for studying Psychology and Politics. I have learned many transferable skills
through my employment such as excellent levels of concentration and outstanding
organisational skills and my experience of interacting with the public and colleagues would
also prove invaluable.

I believe that my passion for both subjects makes me a worthy candidate for a place on a
joint course and I look forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead."

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