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Different personal statement formats
I think I need to clarify (maybe my writing is anot a concise as I think Wink ).

I didn't write my whole PS in bullet points, rather used them where appropriate (mainly around my work experience, what I did and when - being a mature student I had a fair bit to get in). I did use prose for the rest, but I wouldn't say it was 'essay style', more 'report style'. I would define the difference between the two as the type of language used. Essay style tends to be more 'flowery' and descriptive, where as report style in more factual and concise.

Headings are useful to define sections of your PS, becuase you don't have to waste space with 'link sentences'. My point was that you shouldn't be afraid to use a style that best suits the information you are trying to get across. There is no 'correct' style, as there is no perfect PS, but it needs to be easy for the reader to determine whether you are someone they are interested in.

I think it is important, as bleufaerie and others have stated, you need to view your PS from the perspective of the reader and not just ask 'have I sold myself well enough?'. When you have written each sentence, ask yourself 'so what?'. If you can't produce an answer that says the sentence adds further weight to your argument that they should offer you an interview at least then you need to consider if that sentence needs to be there.

Not sure if I have clarified or complicated things...


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