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Which University???????
Basically, I've had conditional offers made from all five choices of universities:
Brunel- Sociology
Leicester- Sociology
Coventry- Sociology
Derby- Creative Writing with Sociology
Northampton- Creative Writing with Sociology
and all of these universities would require me to live away from home (I'm from Yorkshire) Cool

The problem is I really don't know which ones to go for as my firm and insurance offers :S
On one hand Brunel is in London, and I can imagine that student life would be amazing, but Leicester has a good reputation for sociology (apparently)- Coventry is cool too, cause I know a few people that have applied there too and the city itself doesnt seem that bad either... I met some of the lecturers at Derby and they were really nice, but I didnt like the campus :/ and Northampton- well I'm not sure about that either.

I could really appreciate the advice- thanks! x

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