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can't say thaT i RATE LEEDS '''mooch'''or much even?!
Just moved up to Guiseley(south Leeds) from North London to study an art degree never had the flare for it but ive woke up recently noticed things(as you do) and thought it would be a good idea to express them yep thats right I notice things most other people are either to drunk, skunked or simply uninterested in anything except for ways of making more money............. I mean check leeds out, I can't believe how far behind Leeds is compared to other parts of the country, many seem so pretentious and insecure about themselves not generalising of course (hence 'many'), particulary in Headingley, I've travelled a lot and have never known a region where people find it so neceassary to stare and be so miserable. Is it a culture or obession or both in Leeds for the areas to be treated with such contempt as if nobody cares about the environment they have to live in?? I actaully find a mixed bunch of people in Leeds as it happens, in Guiseley has anyone ever heard of this pokey town in LS20, rich O.A.P.S, farmers, factory workers, idle nosey country style people all the kids are blonde haired blue eyed, quiet place no place for job opps forget it unless you don't mind spending your gap year working behind a counter at a charity shop!! Headingley which quite possibly takes about a 15 minute ride in a car takes 45 minutes on a bus full of chavs the bus from Guiseley usually tends to not bother and when it does it's an hour late missing about 3 services before it! okay........
Then as i'm looking for something part time in the city it becomes apparent YOU WILL BE UNEMPLOYED UNLESS YOU TAKE A CALL CENTRE JOB OR POT WASH yawn...........ahhh thats better...when I think of owt' else soooory doh silly me ''anything'' else i think ive contracted something really umpleasent i must ring them back... i'll er, let the dear little forum know about it no harm in a moan i suppose, anyone agree or strongly disagree with my view on Leeds reply on here.Rolleyes

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