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Fashion personal statement - Guest - 13/08/2006

Hi there! I'm going to be applying to study a part time Fahsion Studies degree but am having trouble starting my personal statement. I have loked at general guidelines online and they suggest not to start with I have always been interested in fashion because ........ or similar openings. I want my opening statement to stand out but I'm having a total brain blockage and can't think of what to wirte. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to fuel my stale brain.

Grateful for your help.


RE: Fashion personal statement - Guest - 06/02/2007

im totally stuck too! please help. i dno how 2 start my fashion personal statement off... Sad sharan

RE: Fashion personal statement - samcollins - 11/02/2007


You might want to start off by indicating your keen eye for fashion, the way you see things differently, unlike the commoners. For example, I as a fashion non-enthusiast wont know the difference between two different items of clothing or whatever. You could start with a small engrossing paragragh portraying you at a clothing store being able to figure out the importance or origin of various fashion items and explaining the differences to a critic or cynic at the store who actually happens to think that there are no differences in the items. The message could be that you have a keen eye for spotting and appreciating fashion aesthetics. And end the para saying that this is where you actually realized your true talent for the subject.

RE: Fashion personal statement - ximike - 26/07/2010

I was old enough to work my candidacy for jobs in a variety of haute couture shops and the street was taken to Topshop. This was perfect to develop my sense of fashion, and I was often asked to dress the mannequins in the latest collection of wine

RE: Fashion personal statement - robindell10 - 08/10/2010

I decided to apply for a degree part-time mode, which begins in October. As you may already know most if not all academic programs require that you make a personal statement of support for your application. I know you are supposed to write about why you chose this course, etc.,

RE: Fashion personal statement - Misel948 - 08/11/2010

I want to study fashion at university as I know that what I have learnt at college is just scratching the surface of the fashion world

RE: Fashion personal statement - dain45yl - 09/11/2010

so, when will this site be back up and running so we can post our personal statements?
i'd quite like to put mine up