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include CV - Guest - 02/08/2006


did any of you include your CV in your application? I haven't checked if you can do that in the electronic version. I have so many small details of awards etc. I want to include which will look too weird in my personal statement and I don't know if my reference writer will include them.

thx =)

RE: include CV - peaceful_blossom - 03/08/2006


Are you applying through ucas? English university?

If yes a CV is not needed

RE: include CV - Guest - 04/08/2006

yep! but can i? i've got several small acheivements but not really any big ones...i can't really include them in my personal statement

RE: include CV - peaceful_blossom - 04/08/2006

Do you really think its really going to help you get into the course? If not there is not use.

And most university wont allow you to send anything apart from your ucas application. If you really want to send a Cv I would contact the university and see if they will take it.

Good luck.