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personal statement - Guest - 21/07/2006

I was wondering if anyone could help me.
when your writing your personal statemnt how many courses do you have to put down that you are interested, and can yuo just put down one.

RE: personal statement - peaceful_blossom - 21/07/2006

you link your personal statement to the courses you are applying to in ucas.

If you dont write about one of the course your applying to that university might not like that..hence give you a rejection.

I think that what you meant byt the questsion. if I miss read it just tell me.

All the best

RE: personal statement - Guest - 28/07/2006


i've got a problem. i'm hoping to apply for medicine but at the same time i'm hoping to do biomedical sciences(Neurology) as an alternative. so do i have to include both preferences in my personal statement?