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personal statement - 5h42y - 17/07/2006

hy all!!

m new ere so dnt r8lly no how to get around the room!

AND i need help with ma personal statement, can any1 help?

RE: personal statement - peaceful_blossom - 20/07/2006

What kinda help do you need?

RE: personal statement - Guest - 28/07/2006

I dont know how to make the start of my personal statement attractive to keep the reader going, if you know what i mean

RE: personal statement - Guest - 28/07/2006

It sounds strange, but try leaving the first one or two lines until you've finished the rest of the statement, or at least got most of it down. Once you've done that you can see what fits. Also try looking at other peoples statements, and adapting the first line to fit more with your own situation.