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Medicine personal statement - jennyluvleah - 20/08/2004

I really need help with my personal statement as I am applying, hopefully to commence next year. I am in the
Last year of my nursing degree and wish to undertake medicine next year. I have always wanted to be a doctor from the age of 12. Please help.

RE: Medicine personal statement - ijakings - 20/08/2004

Hi Jenny, I don't know all that much about medicine but there are lots of useful sites out there that shoud be able to help you. Your first point of call should be which is a useful forum covering most topics about applying to do medicine.

You should find all your queries are answered there and there are also links to lots of other useful sites for medics. If it's the personal statement you're stuck with have a look at the advice in the personal statements section of medschoolguide and studential or if you've got a specific question ask it here.


RE: Medicine personal statement - Guest - 23/08/2004

Thank you ever so much Tom
Luv Jenny

RE: Medicine personal statement - DrFluffy - 24/08/2004

Or try