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mental health diploma interview-help! - katieaNN - 22/12/2007

I have an interview for the mental health diploma at the uce in jan and would like to get an idea of what sorts of things they will ask-im worried it will be lots of scenario questions as Im not too good at them..thanks!

RE: mental health diploma interview-help! - Abbiex - 14/01/2010

I have Mental Health Nursing interviews at Manchester and Northumbria soon and I'm equally as nervous. Would appreciate all the help possible

RE: mental health diploma interview-help! - marvelaugusts - 06/04/2010

I had an interview for adult nursing at nottingham in January and it was quite informal, just a chatty experience! They started by asking me to tell them a little about myself then they discussed my grades/personal statement and then asked me why i chose asult nursing and what experience i have had etc. They made it quite easy and just like to know as much about you as possible!

RE: mental health diploma interview-help! - jemvendor - 13/07/2010

First i would like to say that the structures that we live in at least here in america are based on lies and deception to benefit the few over the many . the political system the religious system the political system have all been corrupted and are not based on integrity . i would expect now that these systems will accelerate in their collapse at least i sincerely hope and pray for that.

RE: mental health diploma interview-help! - michellebrown1 - 19/07/2010

I think that any time spent reading and catching up with current events and health care/ modern mental health thinking would help. Ensure you are 100% familiar with your personal statement, make sure your not late or have to worry about parking, transport etc.