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artists block! - emmy - 27/10/2005

i really want to start my personal statemnt but i want to apply for modelmaking and craft courses, im finding it hard to look for examples and really dont want to blabble on about how much i love films like wallace and gromit!any advice on starting points?x

RE: artists block! - peaceful_blossom - 27/10/2005

I've alreadt wrote this before but I do it again. This is how I did my personal statement.

General layout:

First paragraph - Introduction..something to do with why modelmaking and craft?

Second/third - work experience...interest?

Forth - Extra activities eg.. Duke of Edinburgh, clubs...leisure activties.

Fifth - Conclusion

Thats the general layout.

Tip for writing a personal statement -

Frist draft is always just used this chance to put down everything you want to write in the personal statement, dont worry about it being too much.

Actually I would start off with making a list or a mind map of everything you want to include in the personal statement before starting. Help organise your throughts.

Second draft try to group things up and make it flow.

But you think your happy with it, or cant think what else to do with it, get lots of people to check it for you.

Then act on the changes people give you.

Keep on doing that until your happy with your personal statemet.

Good luck and hope that helps Smile

RE: artists block! - peaceful_blossom - 27/10/2005

You should try reading this:

Its looks good Smile