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optometry - emma_jane - 23/10/2005

i really want to do optometry at uni but i am really struggling with my personal statement would anyone give me some ideas please?! xxxx

RE: optometry - shah - 24/10/2005

i am having trouble writing my personal statement on optometry aswell.
could anyone give any advise or tips or post up a copy of their personal statement on optometry.
any help would be most appreciated.

RE: optometry - emma_jane - 24/10/2005

it's good to hear that i'm not the only person that needs help, it's just so hard, i don't even know where to start!

RE: optometry - shah - 24/10/2005

if anyone could help or kindly share there personal statement by email, pm or post, it would be mostly appreciated.
many thanks

RE: optometry - peaceful_blossom - 24/10/2005

Hello Smile

I personally havent apply for optometry but i can two friends that are in their first year of of which I have close contacts with.

I can give you the general layout of the personal statement. But i cant post of give the real personal statement, since it is her personal statement...but i shall conntact her and see if she will allow you to see it.

I can remember that she got a offer from Bradford and Mancester (unsure about this one) and Aston to study optomery.

General layout:

First paragraph - Introduction..something to do with why optomerty

Second/third - work experience, care experience, skills, team working? Organisation??

Forth - Extra activities eg.. Duke of Edinburgh, clubs...leisure activties.

Fifth - Conclusion

Thats the general layout.

Tip for writing a personal statement -

Frist draft is always just used this chance to put down everything you want to write in the personal statement, dont worry about it being too much.

Actually I would start off with making a list or a mind map of everything you want to include in the personal statement before starting. Help organise your throughts.

Second draft try to group things up and make it flow.

But you think your happy with it, or cant think what else to do with it, get lots of people to check it for you.

Then act on the changes people give you.

Keep on doing that until your happy with your personal statemet.

Hope this helps.

All the best with your personal statement Smile

RE: optometry - shah - 24/10/2005

many thanks peaceful_blossom for the advise.
help most appreciated

RE: optometry - peaceful_blossom - 24/10/2005

welcome Smile

Here are some examples for personal statement..but sadly none for optomerty.

But still looking at different personal statements can give you ideas, if you havent done so before...

All the best

Edit: Just noticed that loftx has already posted that link before so sorry for the repeat link.

RE: optometry - shah - 25/10/2005

anyone else who can give advise on what to include or write about for personal statement on optometry?

RE: optometry - emma_jane - 25/10/2005

thank you very much, i appreciate the help ***Filtered***

RE: optometry - staycool65 - 27/10/2005

Hello emma_jane and shah,

I am peaceful_blossom's friend..............the one who iz studying optometry!

I hav sent u 2 a private message...........................and u will shortly receive an e-mail from me.

Gud luk with ur application.

By the way..............wot a-levelz r u lot doing?