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Royal Holloway - bootlacebecky - 28/11/2006

hey i have an offer from royal holloway and think it looks amazing

But...ive heard that it's quite dull and the nightlife is awful..

anyone know? xxxx

RE: Royal Holloway - Guest - 01/12/2006

although it is beautiful looking, it is true that it is in the relatively small town of egham, which probably isnt the most exciting place. Theres also a massive difference in gender ratio, about 65% female i think (u may want this or not, and double check my figures...) and there are only 2 nightclubs but im sure that although resources are limited, u can make it a good time if u rly love it Smile

also this info is only from a visit i made i dont know anyone who goes there or who knows more than me. and it is a gorgeous building. try and other websites like that