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Personal Statement for different courses - hayley222 - 03/09/2005

Hi, Im trying to write my personal statement but having some difficulties. I intend on applying for these courses.......

Media, culture and society
Advertising and media, culture and communication
Marketing and Media, culture and communication
Sociology with specialism in gender studies
English and media,cultural studies

How can i write one statement for all of these areas?! I have a basic statement, but it is too general and i don't think any uni would accept me as it doesn't target the specifics enough.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!


RE: Personal Statement for different courses - gezzar - 04/09/2005

this is what i think,

find the common element (or subject) of all the courses you are applying for...

it appears to me (although it is best to read through each of the individual course outlines, see what subjects are involved in the course etc) that the courses have the main common elements:
* culture,
* media
* sociology

I would probably write one either one or two interests in those subject areas (but no more than two) ... so for example you might express an interest in society and culture , talk about particular texts that has sparked your interest... or you might speak of media, perhaps something of interest in the media (such as media ethics) has sparked a facination for the subject etc etc

if i was to use an example.. my application is mostly for philosophy and theology courses with a couple single honours courses in philosophy... So my UCAS personal statement concentrated mostly on philosophy... though i did mention theology (but more in the context of how theology 'sparked' my interest in philosophy, since my interest in theology is self evident from the current degree course i am doing in australia.

but then again it is a personal statement so alot will depend on what courses are your preference etc (for example if the society/gender studies course is your 'last choice' then concentrate your PS on media or cultural studies)

anyway best of luck with getting that PS effective and concise Smile


RE: Personal Statement for different courses - Guest - 28/06/2006

hi i'm finding it hard to write a personal essay for forensic science and business mathematics how would i have a opening statement and what could i relate to forensic science?

RE: Personal Statement for different courses - Guest - 03/07/2006

say something cheesy like, you know when people always say its not brain surgery or forensic science?? say something according to tha!!??

RE: Personal Statement for different courses - Lakka - 02/08/2006

Hmm, quite a lot of courses u wanna apply, it makes things more difficult. Why dont u try to ask yourself what u r really interested in, who du wanna become in ur future, what u wanna do most. Then take away some courses and focus on the remainder. It would be easier!