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interview in oxbridge? - chehuen - 02/09/2005

could anyone tell me some tips in the interview of oxbridge? has anyone been asked some really awkward questions? if yes, could you give me some examples?
and i am gonna study Biochemistry or natural science in uni. anything they would ask?

RE: interview in oxbridge? - gezzar - 03/09/2005

this online video might be helpful... normally questions are taylored to gauge your potential to think and be creative (or so i've heard Wink ) but they might go through stuff metioned on your UCAS form or in the case where you have to hand in written work they would discuss that with you...

RE: interview in oxbridge? - ijakings - 05/09/2005

Here's a few pages on the net which might help you out:

Discussion of science type interviews
Oxbridge-admissions interview profiles

I remember seeing a list of general awkward interview questions somewhere - though seem to have lost it Sad