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Pharmacy Interview - peaceful_blossom - 23/02/2005

My friend has a interview for Pharmacy.

I was wandering if any of you kow what kind of question come up.

RE: Pharmacy Interview - irisng - 24/02/2005

I had a Pharmacology interview at Bristol - so that's similar!

Errr they asked me "why Pharmacology, how did my work experience go (stated on my PS), and why do I think I like team work (again, stated on PS)" Smile

Other than that they asked me about my hobbies :o I was in the interview with 3 other medics in 1 interview... It was very informal really. Got the typical offer of BBB.

I wouldn't worry about interviews - 1) they don't actually ask you many, if any, hard questions (for my ones at least) and 2) if you panic too much you'll fail yourself, like I did at my Cambridge interview, the only proper interview I had, and got rejected for it. I know they liked me cus of the positive feedback - but I'd panicked too much at the interview so my head went blank.

RE: Pharmacy Interview - peaceful_blossom - 08/10/2005

Little late response. But thanks you for your advise Smile!

She got the offer and now at uni Smile

RE: Pharmacy Interview - jackvinsly - 03/06/2010

What is the Ph of blood?
why we use PG as a taxonomic marker ?
how FTIR calibration Doing?
how many systems r there in the body?
What is difference between method validation and Verification?

RE: Pharmacy Interview - nancytom - 05/10/2010

When preparing for pharmacy interview, it is important not to prepare an exact script of answers as you will sound rehearsed. Well I think that prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with what you wrote on your personal statement essay. In addition, it is a good idea to have a general idea on what kind of questions are going to be asked.