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Written tests for Cambridge?? - Saba - 03/12/2004

hello all...i just got an email saying that they dont need an interview (??) and all they want me to do is a 3 hour written test that theyve sent to my school. i applied for SPS and i got pooled to New Hall. Any advice on whether i should study for this or how?


RE: Written tests for Cambridge?? - keveenjones - 27/04/2010

You will prepare all main subjects for your particular stream and you can also study general awareness and general maths. Mainly they can ask for regarding your stream. So you can prepare very well for your stream subject.

RE: Written tests for Cambridge?? - emmamartin123 - 15/10/2010

Fabulous information and thousands of employers, universities and ministries of KET officially recognize as a basic qualification in English.

RE: Written tests for Cambridge?? - IsabelaFranco - 18/10/2010

The Written Placement Tests consist of two topics each. Students choose one topic and answer the questions about it.

RE: Written tests for Cambridge?? - simonjoyers - 26/01/2011

Academic Module of the International English Language Testing System exam, and a little more reading and writing for the general training module.

RE: Written tests for Cambridge?? - chamines - 03/03/2011

PET is an examination for individuals who can use everyday written and spoken English at an intermediate level. It covers all two language skills reading, writing, listening and speaking.