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Bishop Grosseteste College - Sazle - 30/10/2006

Small dilemma.

I was going to apply for a course at Bishop Grosseteste College in Lincoln but when I read throught he prospectus they sent me properly I found out it is actually a Church College. I am affraid to admit this has put me off slightly as I am not a religious person myself but I have absolutely no problem with people who are. The course they offer is exactly what I am looking for so I am in two minds whether to apply or not.

Does anybody know anything about the college, know anyone who is a student/tutor there? Is the college very church orientated and do the admission tutors favour practising Christians etc? I'm a bit worried the religious atmosphere might bother me when it really shouldn't. Should I apply anyway and then go to an open day if I get offered a place before I decide if I want to go or not?

Someone please help!!

RE: Bishop Grosseteste College - Guest - 23/01/2007

My best friend is studying at Bishops Grosseteste College. She is not a christian and she has never even mentioned about it being particularly church orientated, so I would confidently say it won't be a problem.
I would also like to add that she loves the course and although her hours are long she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.