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Interview at Essex - CM - 08/11/2004

I have an interview at Essex on the 24th of this month, and I'm positive one of the questions is going to be "Why Essex". Well .... Its a good uni ..... What else can I say?!?! I've gone on the site to try and get some interesting facts but couldnt really find anythin!

RE: Interview at Essex - ijakings - 09/11/2004

Strangely enough, "why do you want to go to ..." didn't come up in either of my 2 interviews, which is kind of lucky as I hadn't really prepared for it. Though for Law at Essex I'm sure you shouldn't have to many problems - just expand on why you think it's a good uni - maybe reading a few reports on the teaching/research standards etc. It dosn't need to sound too interesting as it's not really a very useful question for the interviewer.

RE: Interview at Essex - nuclues - 18/02/2009


I guess u r looking at the question from the perspective of a few good reasons to justify your selection of the uni .

1. Do a google on students review on essex uni.
2. Think about the life u want outside the study life and how essex as an area facilitates tht.. obvious enough.
3. Other key factors for your decission for essex uni could be subjects offered, financial feasibility, friends ,ranking in Universities League Table...... list goes on..

contrary: just say , hey i am only attending the damn interview.... still got a few in my kitty, u want my money, or not......joke

good luck