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PERSONAL STATEMENT --- PLEASE HELP! - Nicola - 26/09/2004

I'm about to apply to Ucas for a Politics and International relations degree and have only written the first part of my P.S. I would appreciate knowing if i'm going in the right direction, and any changes i could make. Thanks. (also is the end bit too cheesy?)

I have chosen to study Politics as i find it very interesting and definately releant to current events and issues. Areas that most interest me are Electoral reform and Ideological/party histories. I have a genuine interest in Politics and enjoy 'connecting' (i want a new word here) my studies to recent political and world events. My interest in Politics and International Relations has grown considerably since the events of 9/11, and more recently Iraq. I believe that the skill of analysing Political and world events is becoming increasingly valuable in our changing world.

PERSONAL STATEMENT --- PLEASE HELP! - Guest - 26/09/2004

Releant = Relevant oops

RE: PERSONAL STATEMENT --- PLEASE HELP! - Guest - 28/09/2004

relating instead of connecting?