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getting the right balance
if i want to study politics at uni, how much of my PS do u reckon should be my interest in the subject, and how much should be hobbies, work experience etc?? i am finding it impossible to cut my PS down and make it short enough and im worried about fiding the right balance to give a good impression...
plz help!
Politics isn't a competitive vocational subject like medicine or law, so you should'nt need to dedicate most of the space to work experaince or extra curricular activities. I would say spend at least half your statement talking about something related to politics - with around half of this on things directly related to the subject like why you want to study it or particular areas which interest you and the other half on work experaince or other things you've done related to politics. Use the rest of the statement to talk about other things you've done and skills or qualities you have.

Exacatly how much space you donate to different parts depends to some extend on what you've done. I would say it's probably best to donate more space to talking about politics than less though.

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