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Oxford PS

I'm a US student, and I'm applying to Oxford (and UCL, St. Andrew's, and Edinburgh). However, Oxford is the main university I want to get into, and I have a question.

Right now, I'm still drafting my PS, but I can already tell it's going to be a problem. I wrote it in a rather loose style (some minor use of humor and with a somewhat casual tone). I thought this would be acceptable because I'm applying for humanities courses (English and History joint honors).

But does Oxford prefer a more formal style, or can I add a tiny amount of humor (and if so, how much?).

I also think I've written too much. I'm not even done with the PS and already have 700+ words (my UCAS form will be handwritten, by the way). Will 750 words fit? Sad
Assuming you're applying for the same course at Oxford as the other universities you don't need to do anything different. Admissions tutors at Oxford will see your personal statement in the same way as other unis - there's no need to write particularly formally for Oxford.

However when you're using humor it can sometimes backfire if it's read by an admissions tutor with no sense of humor or they just don't find it funny. You can probably add a small amount of humor i.e. maybe in one or two lines - but i wouldn't make it the centrepiece of my statement.

As for the size - download a copy of the Ucas form, print out the page with the statement on and see if yours fits.
Do whatever you feel most comfortable with and whatever style is most appropriate for whatever message you wish to convey. If you are trying to portray yourself as the bright, bubbly and creative student then an informal style maybe more suitable, whereas if you are attempting to create an image of yourself as the serious and methodical thinker such a style may not be so useful.

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